Feeling Sick? Know Where to Go

Unlike some countries, General Practitioners (GPs) are extremely rare or non-existent in Korea, as healthcare is highly specialised and primary care is provided by specialists in private clinics. It can be difficult to choose a clinic when you need to see a doctor if you are not familiar with the different specialisations. This 2-part pamphlet series is designed to help foreigners living in Korea navigate the private clinic healthcare system by recommending a specialist based on the area of the body that is showing symptoms.

Project Type
Class Project
Information Design | Spring 2022
Best Project Award for
Information Design in Spring 2022

Design Concept

The pamphlets are split into
(1) Conditions of the head and neck and
(2) Conditions of the torso and lower body.

Red and blue colours are used to represent Korea.

The line drawing of the human body is divided into 5 main categories and organs by colour.

Different parts of the body are highlighted with its assigned colour and by adjusting the opacity.

Conditions of the Head & Neck

Conditions of the Torso & Lower Body

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