Eclipse: With you anywhere, anytime

Commercial Advertisement for Eclipse Mints

Eclipse: With you anywhere, anytime

This is a commercial advertisement project for Eclipse, a sugar-free mint candy sold by the multinational corporation Mars.Two versions were produced: an installation advertisement (POP) and a video advertisement, with a focus on the most popular flavour in Korea, peach. Departing from the theme of love between couples often used in previous advertisements, this project aims to appeal to consumers with Eclipse as a ‘delicious’ product that ‘everyone can enjoy together’ and ‘receive joy from sharing’.

Project Type
Class Project
Advertisement Design | Spring 2023
Best Project Award for
Advertisement Design in Spring 2023

Installation Advertisement: POP

Size: 200 (W) x 210 (L) x 457 (H) mm

The installation advertisement is an Eclipse dispenser POP, designed to be placed beside the Eclipse product display in store. The Eclipse tin packaging design is mapped onto the dispenser to make it look like a large tin of Eclipse. When the button is pressed, the video on the screen plays, followed by an actual tin of Eclipse being dispensed.

POP Video

The video that plays after the button is pressed shows a peach bursting into juice before being packaged into mints in the tin, to convey that the refreshing peach flavour is captured as-is in Eclipse mints.

Video Advertisement

Length: 20s

The video depicts three different scenarios of sharing Eclipse. Using the photo animation technique, we chose to use a playful expression, adding vibrant backgrounds and line-drawing effects to give a bright and lively feel that is unique to Eclipse.